Entrusted to Him • 2 Timothy 1:12

To entrust means you no longer make the decisions, you no longer run things, someone else does. We talk about “entrusting” things to people but we micromanage. That’s okay, in certain situations it works just fine, not with the Lord though. It’s all or nothing with Him. Do you call the shots for your kids or do you seek God’s will for their lives? I’m asking myself these questions as I go through transitions in my own life. I can hold on and pretend like I’m putting that life into God’s hands, but God sees my heart and He knows it’s not true. He is faithful. Remember the words of Jesus, Father into your hands I commit… I entrust, my Spirit. Are you ready to entrust that thing, or that person, into the hands of only one who can guard and preserve it? Let’s do this together.

-Joey Alcala, Assistant Pastor