Ask For Help! • Psalm 119:173, 175

Psalm 119 is truly a masterpiece of literature. In this, the longest Psalm of the Bible, the focus is God and His Word. Like a skilled technician, I would think that the writer would be so familiar with God and His Word, especially after such labor-some studying and writing to complete this Psalm, that he would feel proficient. Yet, what the Psalmist leaves us, his audience, with is not the shout of a warrior, or the confidence of a skilled craftsman, or the pride of a successful worker, but rather a longing prayer for more of God’s help. In reality, the awareness of our need for God’s help increases the longer we have walked with Him. It’s a healthy recognition of our frailty, of how fleeting strength and life really are and of how dependent we must be on Christ. Have no confidence in the flesh, Paul tells us in Philippians, we boast in weakness and in Christ Jesus. Oh, how we need to depend on God! Just like Peter in Matthew 14:30, when he simply cried out “Lord, save(help) me,” which meant the difference between sinking and surviving. Ask for help!

-Adrian Caballero Assistant Pastor