True Repentance • Luke 3:8

“…Therefore bear fruits in keeping with repentance…”

The definition for repentance is “to feel sorrow for one’s sin and make up one’s mind to do what is right.” So often I feel sadness because of the effects of my sin, I get caught or my life becomes more difficult because I am not living according to God or His Word and this alone does not equal repentance. We must decide in our heart to pursue what is right, John tells us to walk in the Light as Jesus is in the Light. This constant motion of feeling sorrow for our sins and pursing Jesus is a healthy lifestyle for the Christian, because there will never be a day in which we do not deserve hell, it is the constant grace of God that forgives us of our sins.

Lord thank you for your forgiveness, help me to have true repentance and fall in love with you more and more each day!

  • Zak Vazquez, Assistant Pastor