The Boy Ministered • 1 Samuel 3:1

Have you ever felt too small or insignificant to be of any practical use to God? 1 Samuel 3, introduces a young boy called Samuel. When we first find him, all we know about him is that he was ministering to the Lord. That word ministering means to attend to, to contribute to, to serve, to wait on. This isn’t a description that Samuel speaks of himself so much as it’s a description that God speaks about him. God noticed that an 8 year old boy had a heart to serve him and was busy about whatever task was needed in God’s service. God testifies to how much of a blessing Samuel was to Him. God values your heart and nothing that you do for God with a humble and obedient heart is trivial or menial in His eyes. God sees the sacrifice and service of your faith. He knows you by name and He loves you very much.

-Chris Rodriguez, Assistant Pastor