Whatever My God Says, That I Will Speak • 2 Chronicles 18

It’s good to read through all of the books in the Bible. Don’t let it intimidate you. Sometimes you may read for days and feel like you’re not “getting anything.” You just have to trust that God’s word is filling your soul the way it’s supposed to. It will be there to sustain you when you need it. Recently, I stumbled across a prophet named Micaiah. In 2 Chronicles 18, there was a wicked king who had put the prophets of God away because “he never prophecies good concerning me.” When Micaiah was called for he said, “As the Lord lives, whatever my God says, that I will speak.” This kind of attitude got him put into prison until the king returned. The problem was that the king wasn’t going to return, he would die in battle, just like the Lord said. As I read that, I thought man what a bad deal for Micaiah! Lord, may I be faithful like he was.

-Joey Alcala, Assistant Pastor