History of CC Miami

The roots of Calvary Chapel can be found in Costa Mesa, California. A non-denominational Christian church, Calvary Chapel was founded by Pastor Chuck Smith in 1965. It has been estimated that over 8,000 baptisms were performed in a two year period at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa in the mid 70’s. During that same period, Pastor Chuck Smith and his church were instrumental in bringing 20,000 conversions to the Christian faith. Chuck Smith has come to be known as a leading figure in what is today called “The Jesus Movement.”

As the Holy Spirit continued to move through the nation, it was in 1989 that the Lord allowed Calvary Chapel Miami to start as a home bible study.  Pastor Razz is the senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Miami.  There is a special place in his heart for people in law enforcement. He has been serving as a chaplain within the City of Miami Police Department since 1995. In his adolescence he sought the plan of God for his life and got his answer in Matthew 4:19, “Come follow Me and I will make you a fisher of men.” Razz has been married over 30 years. He has three grown children and three grandsons. Serving the Lord with his family has taught him that Christ’s grace is sufficient, for God’s strength is made perfect in weakness.