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Strength in the struggle

Genesis 6 - 9

Noah faced many hardships. He was commissioned to perform a task no one in the city living around him understood. Imagine: year after year, he performed his task with integrity, putting up with ridicule, insults, and doubts.

During all this time, Noah maintained a steadfast spirit, focused on his mission, and led by example. The hard times kept Noah from becoming complacent, from letting down his guard, and from reviling in return. We know Noah was a great man of faith, a man of God — but still a man. Noah had endure over a hundred years of hardships, still exhibiting strong faith throughout. Sadly, the Bible also records that during the time when the flood waters had retired, Noah entered a season of calm during which he greatly failed.

Take heed — our greatest struggles don’t seem to occur while doing battle for the Lord; they occur when things are routine and we are not alert, not vigilant.

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