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Attainable Wisdom • Proverbs 2:20

As a culture, we've done everything in our power to silence the voice of every absolute standard we can. Our society doesn't want to hear what anyone has to say, not even God.

We so often want to decide for ourselves, turning to the isolation and vacuum of our own hearts. We mine the depths of our own deceptive feelings and try to alchemically transmute our feelings into reality and truth — a dangerous practice that ultimately condemns us to become the victims of our own blind spots.

By contrast, Proverbs 2:20 tells us that "Wisdom calls aloud outside; She raises her voice in the open squares." The truth isn't far removed and unknown. It's not ambiguous and mystical. The truth is readily declared in the open squares. We see it announced and confirmed time and time again; each and every time someone's godly choices bear out strength, stability, and joy —and each time someone else's morally wicked choices result in pain, grief, and captivity.

God has made blessing and fulfillment wonderfully attainable in and through the Scriptures. I pray we search them and apply them to our lives this week.

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