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Let’s praise and worship Him! • Psalm 96:4

Nowadays, without hesitation we will openly cheer, lift up our hands, and give public praise and adoration to celebrities and to the rich and famous people of this world.

However, when it comes to giving genuine praise and deep worship to the Lord Jesus, we have a tendency to be reserved and hold back because of the scrutiny of public opinion. Many would regard us as crazy, fanatical Christians.

However, as believers and followers of Christ, we ought to be compelled to praise and worship Jesus with heartfelt gratitude.

This gratitude comes when we recognize that God, our Heavenly Father, sacrificed His only begotten Son for me and you so that we can inherit eternal life.

The LORD is great and most worthy of our greatest praise! He is the One and Only God worthy of our worship (Psalm 96:4). Therefore, let us make it our aim to arrive early and on time for church service, where we can close our eyes to shut out all the worldly noise and open our mouths to pour out our hearts in songs of praise.

Let us go to the LORD's house; let us worship before his throne (Psalm 132:7). Let’s praise Him the morning, praise Him in the noontime, and praise Him till the sun goes down!

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